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There are so many different ways to design a metal building. From all of the different styles and materials available, the possibilities are endless. Unlike the popular metal building kits, we are not limited in any aspect of the building. The only limitation we have is our imagination. We can build a custom building turn key for the same price you would have in a building kit by the time its purchased and erected. So why buy a building kit that’s bolted together when you can have a custom building that’s welded together by professionals?

Let’s compare our product to the competitor’s kit.



You design your building. You choose everything from colors, to doors and windows. No one knows your needs or wants better than you do.


The kit you purchase limits your options. This includes everything from location and sizes of doors and windows to color schemes. This usually translates to compromising your wants and/or needs. Why compromise when you don’t have to? It’s a kit and one size does NEVER fit’s all.

metal building drawing



We build custom weld plates and set them into 36” piers. Take a look at pictures of our weld plates….they speak for themselves. We transfer the entire load of the building into these piers. Our slabs save the customer on average 40 to 50% over a traditional style slab used with a building kit.


You are usually responsible for subcontracting the slab if you buy a kit. Most concrete contractors will pour a traditional style foundation (similar to your house foundation) for a metal building. This type of foundation averages 1.5 to 2 times more expensive than our design.

metal building foundation



We believe bigger is better. All structural columns are either 4x4 posts or 6x6 posts 3/16th thick. We use 6” C purlin or 8” purlin to attach the sheet metal depending on the span. Our entire frame is 100% welded.


Most kits that use square tubing use 3x3 posts that are 1/8 thick. The C purlin dimensions are 3” or 4” to attach the sheet metal. The entire frame is held together by bolts.

metal building



We use either 8x2 rectangular tubing 3/16th thick or 10x2 rectangular tubing 3/16th thick (sometimes ¼ thick) for the open span roof beam. This means once inside the building the entire roof space is available for use (for storage, or upstairs apartment, etc). Our buildings are built on a 3/12 pitch. Not only is the more appealing to the eye than the 1/12 pitch with the kits, it is significantly stronger. The more pitch a roof has the more load it transfers to the walls. In Texas this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Our buildings will still be standing when the ice accumulations add significant loads to the roof system. We use Mueller’s colored 26ga sheet metal for our walls and roof. It has a 30yr warranty. Everyone knows Mueller isn’t going anywhere. A warranty is only good if the company is still in business when you need it. Mueller will still be in business in 30 years. Not so sure about the competitors.


Majority of kits sold use a truss system. These pre-fabricated trusses are built from thin square tubing. All things being equal, rectangular tubing will always be stronger than square tubing when used on a roof span. Majority of kits come standard with 29ga galvalume roof paneling. Its weaker and doesn’t hold up to the UV rays from the sun as well as the 26ga colored paneling we use.

metal building



We provide commercial grade sectional doors with our buildings, which are installed by a professional overhead door contractor. These are just like the garage door(s) on your house. So just like the garage door on your house, we can install an electric opener with remotes and keypad. We also have the ability to insulate the doors. The overall product is significantly stronger and easier to use.


Believe it or not, most kits do not come with an overhead door. They come with a framed opening. The door is an additional cost. After you’re up charged, you will have a roll up style door. These doors are inferior in every aspect to the commercial grade sectional door we install. They are weaker, require more maintenance, and do not have the ability to have an electric opener installed. If any part of the door is damaged the entire unit has to be replaced. With our doors sections can be replaced one at a time.

metal building overhead doors

As you can see, there are many different aspects to a metal building. All of the different combinations can be overwhelming. Contact us to discuss your needs and we can design your building together. Or, if you know exactly what you need, you can design your building here and we will get you an estimate as soon as possible. We feel we the service and product we provide is superior to our competitor’s. If you are still not convinced, contact us and we will gladly discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

REMEMBER.…We do offer a price match guarantee for similar products and do ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS!!


I found their crews to be friendly, competent and very professional in the quality of work they performed. I would highly recommend Integrity Welding for anyone considering putting in a shop/outbuilding or general welding and I hope to use them again in the future, Thanks Jason and Philip for all you did to help me out of a bad situation.
Integrity Welding gets 5 STARS out of 5. Great job guys, you are the best!!!!!

Bill R.


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