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Fencing is often underestimated in every aspect by many people. Most believe it requires little skill level and isn’t difficult to install. But the exact opposite is true. In order for fencing to look good and survive the test of time, it has to be built correctly with quality materials. We can build any type of fence you need from barb wire to wrought iron. We feel the most product for the money is the standard 2/3/8 pipe 4’ tall with a continuous top rail with wire paneling attached to it. This is our most popular style of fence. It can serve as a property divider or be used to keep livestock. When built correctly, it will last forever. Other than an occasional new coat of paint every decade, it will be maintenance free. Our fence may look the same as some of the competitors, but it’s what you don’t see that’s important.

Allow us to explain.

We use recycled drill stem that has a sidewall which is ¼” thick. It weighs approximately 5 pounds per foot. That’s right…5 pounds per foot. It is very durable and will last forever.

We install our fence posts by driving the posts 48” into the ground….that’s right 4 feet. There’s as much post in the ground as there is above the ground. We do this with a hydraulic driver that attaches to our skid steer. It creates 100,000 psi of down force. Once we drive our pipe in the ground it is there to stay. We currently do not know of anyone one else driving their posts. They are all still concreting them in place.

Is this really a big deal you ask? ABSOLUTELY!!!! If you live in Texas you know the weather can change very drastically in a short amount of time, and this is always happening. The soil contracts and expands with the weather and moisture changes. If the fence post was installed using concrete there is essentially a big rock on the end of the post. The soil grabs this big rock and pushes the post out of the ground over time.

Take a look at some of the pictures we have. Its very impressive. If the post doesn’t have the concrete around the bottom, it will not be affected. This is why our fence is stronger than our competitor’s. The average fence builder concretes posts about 30” into the ground. Some will say their posts are 36” in the ground, but any native Texan who has ever tried to dig a hole that deep knows that’s not true. We have over 50% more post in the ground than our competitor. It’s obvious who’s product is better.

Not all fencing is created equal. We feel we the service and product we provide is superior to our competitor’s. If you are still not convinced, contact us and we will gladly discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

REMEMBER.…We do offer a price match guarantee for similar products and do ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS!!


We just wanted to take a minute and drop you a note about how pleased we are with our new shop. The professionalism you and your crew displayed was outstanding. The expediting of the concrete fill, quality of construction and materials, competitiveness, timeliness, and ability to accommodate the change we made to the rear access door, made the entire process pleasant.

Jack and Lora Patterson - Copper Canyon, Texas


We offer many services including metal buildings, barns, patio covers, pavilions, carports, fencing, gates and entry ways, and more. We also offer skid steer services including land clearing and road repair. We are 100% mobile setup or offer shop fabrication as well.

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